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Brazil Florida Alliance (BFA) goal is to create, participate and bridge programs that will assist volunteers, donors and contributors to engaged in helping improve the quality of life of citizens in US and Brazil. Programs of choice are the ones geared towards improving people’s skills, health, confidence and self-steam, towards how they present them selves and are perceived by others, for both jobs or entrepreneurship development efforts in US and Brazil.

BFA believes that there’s to many people in US and Brazil that suffer with lack of confidence and self-steam because of poor oral health and that besides training for skills something must be done to help these people improve their jobs and entrepreneurship efforts by helping them also improve their health and oral health.  

Being selected for a new job or running a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) requires the ability to be perceived as a well skilled and presentable person weather developing connections or opportunities within US or Brazil. Beyond skills, everyone must offer a certain level of self confidence, something hard to do when there’s lack of self-steam due to poor health or oral health.


Florida is the best US gateway to Brazil and Brazil is the best gateway to other South American countries. Through Brazil Florida Alliance (BFA) we hope to move beyond establishing and offering international knowledge and connections through city-to-city relationship formalized through created Brazilian twin city relationship or the developed exchange of opportunities for international trade and the education classes which also involved networking and trade missions for growth opportunities between Brazil and United States.

I’m certain that people improve their quality of life when they have access to better opportunities and these opportunities are more frequently available for those able to present themselves with proper information, training and appearance. Everyone must be perceived as successful before they’re positioned for success. 

Our goal is to bridge, create and participate in programs that will generate funds to be dispersed towards the improvements necessary for better connections and opportunities in both US and in Brazil.

With the aid of grants, sponsorship and donations, we will continually be engaged in providing funding and support with programs not only for business expansion but also for self improvement.

I thank you for your continual support and participation as volunteer,donor and contributor, helping us move forward with our training and charitable efforts. I invite you to share our information to help increase the number of supporters and to reach and provide help to more people.

My sincere appreciation is extended to everyone, directly or indirectly involved with our efforts, including our Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Committees.  I invite anyone interested in joining our Boards and Committees to contact me directly at JR@BrazilFloridaAlliance.com. 


Joshua Rodriggs
President – Brazil Florida Alliance (BFA)

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