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Membership Benefits

Membership and Contributions

Brazil Florida Alliance is a 501(c)3 approved organization and your voluntary contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

We need your support to advance, create and implement grants and scholarships, develop curriculum for the training programs and to continually provide means to have quality of life improved among members and other groups in need of tools, skills and ability to better present self and business for a better quality of life and more work development opportunities.

Every contributor earns rights to an individual or company membership and will be granted privileges and priority access to benefits based on category of pledge contribution and support. Some of the member benefits are

Contribution category options are as follow:

 1. Major Contributor contributions of $5,000.00 or more
 2. Trustee contributions of $3,000.00 or more
 3. Corporate contributions of $2,000.00 or more
 4. Small Business contributions of $750.00 or more
 5. Member contributions of any amount up to $750.00


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Every contribution, any amount, will generate a membership. Make a contribution today and email the details for membership/s to be processed. Email donation details to:  Info@BrazilFloridaAlliance.com


Students and Government Agencies are required to upload proof of status in order to receive appropriate recognition and access to special opportunities within BFA.  

*All memberships are renewed automatically on an annual bases from the date original pledge was placed 

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