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One of the main objectives of the Brazil Florida Alliance is to better connect its members with current opportunities in their respective regions. As such, all individuals and potential employers are invited to post intern, job or special project opportunities through our website. To post or view an opportunity as a member, please log-in and post it under Brazil Florida Blog / Jobs, or if not a member or would like us to list it, please send info to Jobs@BrazilFloridaAlliance.com. Once approved, information will be available for member viewers at the Brazil Florida Blog / Jobs for Alliance members to browse and respond directly. We look forward to hearing from you! 


In 2013 BFA will be focusing in helping members gain access to more information and opportunities related to Brazil 2014 World Cup Soccer where thousands of related jobs are and will become available…

In 2010, at the South Africa World Cup, the increase in tourism alone created thousands of jobs in hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related areas and as many as 80,000 additional jobs related directly to the 2012 World Cup. 

There’s also opportunity for those who whish to look at the option of Volunteering for the World Cup

An important preparation for anyone thinking of working in or with Brazil is to learn the Brazilian Portuguese language. Here’s an option from BFA’s partner in Brazil:  Portuguese Immersion Course



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